24 November 2013

Add Any Folder to the Windows Start Menu

Although the Microsoft Windows has provided some options for customizing the Windows Start menu but they have their own constraints and limitations. For example there is no configuration to add your favorite folder (not the default Favorite Folder) to the Start Menu. If you have a personal or any other folder that you use too often and want to add it to the Start Right Pane for faster and easier access, what would you do? Fortunately you have an alternative by modifying the Windows Registry and add any folder to the Start Menu. In this article we will show you step by step how to achieve this task. What we are going to do is change the value of the Favorites key containing in the Shell Folders path in the registry and add our own folder.

Step 1

Open the Windows Run command (Win + R), enter "regedit" and hit the Enter key to go the Windows Registry editor. After that go to the path below:

Step 2

On the right side scroll down below until you find the Favorites key. Double click on it and in the Value data section enter the path of the folder that you want to add to the Start Menu. But remember to save or copy the existing default value in case you want to undo the changes. Let say you have a folder called "My Personal Files" which located on D: drive of your system. So the value you need to enter is "D:\My Personal Files". OK or confirm the changes and continue with the step 3.

Step 3

Now go back to the left panel of the Registry window, scroll down until you see the "Use Sell Folders" key (check the complete path below). Just like the step 2, find the Favorites on the right side and change its value to the same value you entered in the previous step (remember to copy the default value just like we did in the step 2), in our example "D:\My Personal Files". Confirm the change and exit from the Registry editor. 

Step 4

Right click on an empty space on your Windows Taskbar and from the menu select Properties. Navigate to the Start Menu tab and then hit the Customize button. In this section you have the options to customize the Windows Start Menu such as adjust the number of shortcuts, modify the right pane, restore default, and many more. Scroll down and find the Favorites menu options. Select it and OK all the windows. 

Step 5

The last step is to just restart your system and see the change in the Start Menu. Congratulation, you add your favorite folder to the Start Menu. To go back to default value, you can simply undo the changes you have done in the Windows Registry and enter the default values of the Favorites keys.