31 December 2013

LifeHub is a Wristwatch with Lots of Functionality

Consider a device that is a collection of various gadgets such as Watch, Phone, Headset, Bluetooth speakers, Television, Wallet and your keys. LifeHub is an example of such device, designed by LUCID Design; it has gathered all these objects in one place. You can wear the LifeHub like an ordinary wristwatch but in fact it’s not an ordinary watch at all but a collection of useful tools and devices. This high tech gadget can save you a lot of space as well as time. You have everything in one place and do not need to look for them as they are all on your wrist.

This watch consists of a flexible OLED screen which you can wear it on your wrist to check the time, messages and even listen to the music. It also acts as a smartphone with video call functionality, just bend its bottom half and put it on a flat surface. The LifeHub interface is simple but still elegant with bold colors, HD quality and stereo sound. It includes two discreet Bluetooth earpieces and secure microphones on the device. When you need a headset, simply snap the earpieces off from the gadget and put them in your ears and when they are attached to the LifeHub, they act as an earpiece microphone and even stereo speakers. This device has a password protected programmable key on the side. The lock can be locked or unlocked to give access and also can be used as a data transfer medium. You can use its password protection functionality to store your credit card or debit card data to make purchases or withdrawing money (your personal wallet). And finally let talk about its speaker and projector, just dock the LifeHub into the base to open a host of extra features like portable audio speakers with rich bass. Also the device is motion controlled and can be used as a projector to show your videos, presentations or large video call. In a nutshell, the LifeHub is your best friend and personal assistant that provides all the features that you expect from a multipurpose gadget. 

LifeHub is a design by Amit Mirchandani (the founder of the LUCID Company) and Nithin Anthony, two talented product designers.