17 December 2013

Update Windows Defender Automatically

Some of the users may disable the Windows Update due to some reasons. But the problem with disabling the update is that the Windows Defender also no longer will update unless you enable the update again. The Windows Defender is a defense system against spyware and malware which is provided by Microsoft as a feature of the Windows 7/8 operating systems.

The Windows Defender functionality has the ability to scan the entire system and clean all suspicious software. Although it does not have the features and functionality of a paid antivirus but as a user, you must first take full advantage of all tools of any operating system then go for external tools and software that are available in the market. So keeping the Windows Defender up to date and using it time to time to have a clean system is a good idea. Let see how to update the Windows Defender automatically even if the update is disabled.

Step 1

Open the Windows Run (Win+R), type taskschd.msc and then hit the Enter key. The Windows Task Scheduler will open.

Step 2

In the Task Scheduler window from the Action menu, select "Create Task". In the next window and in the General tab, in front of the Name, assign a name for your task for example Win Defender Update (the name can be anything).

Step 3

Now go to the Triggers tab and click on the New button. In the next window, you have the options to choose the schedule for your action which are One time, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. Select any one that you want for example the Weekly option. Assign all the necessary settings and OK the window.

Step 4

Go back to the Create Task window and navigate to the Actions tab. Click on the New button and under the Settings>Program/script section, enter the path below:

Then in front of Add arguments enter:

OK all windows and exit from the Task Scheduler. After now the Windows Defender will update automatically according to the schedule that you assigned even if the Windows update feature has been disabled.