20 October 2011

Find IP Address of an Email Sender in Gmail

A few days ago, I published a post about How to Find IP Address of an Email Sender in Yahoo mail. Now this time I'll show you how to find an Email Sender's IP Address in Gmail mail service.
Go to your Gmail account and open your desired mail. On the top right corner beside the Reply button, you see an inverted triangle. Click on the triangle and from the pop down menu choose Show Original.

A new window (email header) will be open in your web browser. Look for Received from: entry of source code. You can see the IP address of email sender at the end of the text.

Note: In some cases there might be more than one Received from: line. The reason behind that is because email passed through several email servers before it reached to your Inbox. Usually spammers using this method to hide their current IP address. In that case typically the last Received from: is the correct one. If the sender sends the email directly to your mailbox but not through email server, then the first Received from: line is the correct one. The better way is to compare each Received by: and Received from: entries together. They must match each other.