24 December 2011

Use Check Boxes to Select Items in Win Vista/7

Suppose you want to select some folders or files simultaneously in Windows 7 or Vista. In that case you have to use the mouse to drag a rectangle around the items or combine the mouse with Ctrl/Shift key. But Microsoft has added a new feature in Windows Vista/7, which it makes very easy to select multiple items. The new feature is to add a Check Box next to each file or folder in Windows. You have already used Check Boxes in Windows’s forms or Internet pages. This trick is about how to active Check Box feature in Windows Vista/7 to choose multiple items.

For this:
1. On the Start Menu’s search box, enter Folder Options and hit the Enter.

2. In Folder Options window, go to View tab.

3. In Advance settings list, look for Use check boxes to select items and select it, and then click on OK button.
Now whenever you move mouse on any folder or file, you will see a check box next to it. You can select any item that you want just by clicking on these boxes. Similarly, you can simply select multiple files or folders at the same time.