24 December 2011

Hidden Options of Send To Menu in Win 7

If you are using Microsoft Windows 7, you might know in this Windows like older versions of Windows, after you right click on a file or folder, you will see a popup menu with Send To option. You can send your file or folder to important parts of Windows like Desktop or Documents. But you can use a hidden trick in Win 7 to expand Send To menu option. Now I will introduce you this trick.

Right click on a file or folder. Then go to Send To menu. In this menu you will see the default options like Desktop, Documents, Compressed Folder etc.

But for viewing hidden options in this menu, hold down the Shift key and right click on you desired item and then go to Send To menu.
At this time you are able to see more options like Contacts, Download, Favorites, My Pictures, My Music etc.

If you want to keep Send To menu like this and don’t hold the Shift key every time to see the extra options, then go to My Computer.
Then in the Location bar (Address bar) write shell:sendto and press the Enter

For adding your desired path to Send To menu, make a short cut from the folder that you want  to add to this menu and drag and drop in this windows.