13 January 2012

How to Add Control Panel to Right-Click Desktop Menu and My Computer in Win 7/Vista

The Windows Control Panel is one of the sections in Windows that users deal every day. You can say Control Panel is the heart of Windows and gives you the ability to modify and change Windows settings. In this tutorial, I will show you how to add Control Panel to the right-click Desktop menu and to the My Computer. These tricks work in Win7/Vista only.

For adding to right-click menu:

1. Go to Start>Run>regedit and press Enter.

2. Expand the path below:

3. Right-click on shell and select New>Key and rename it to Control Panel.

4. Right-click on Control Panel and again select New>Key and this time rename it to command.

5. Double-click on Default in the right side of the window and copy and paste the code below in Value section:

6. Go to the Desktop and right-click, you will see that the Control Panel has added to right-click desktop menu. If you want to back to Windows default mode then delete the new keys that you have made in previous steps.

For adding to My Computer:

1. Go to Start>Run>regedit and expand the path below:

2. Right-click on NameSpace and select New>Key.

3. Rename the new key to one of the codes below:

For category view

For icon view

4. Exit from the registry editor and go to My Computer. The Control Panel icon has added to My Computer. For back to default mode, you can delete the new key that you have made in previous steps.