12 January 2012

Latest Innovative Product Designs (2010-2011) Part 4

As we already entered the year 2012, here is the last part of Latest Innovation Product Designs for 2010-2011: 
16. SmartBook, a Mobility Computing Device Concept by Roland Cernat
SmartBook is a laptop that includes a digital writing pad on its back of the screen designed by Roland Cernat. The digital pen for writing is kept under the keyboard. It is truly a multi-functional computing device.

17. Logitech’s Cube Mouse
Logitech’s Cube Mouse is a compact mouse (2 inches long and an inch wide) that can be used as a mouse as well as a presentation device. You scroll when you swipe your finger along the main panel and when you pick it up, you can flip through presentations. Just hold it in the air and click on the top of the cube to go forward through PowrPoint.

18. Fujitsu Flexbook Concept by Hao-Chun Haung
Fujitsu Flexbook designed by Hao-Chun Haung from Taiwan and it is a computer that folds up from a netbook to a tablet. It contains a flexible keyboard and a foldable 21:9 touchscreen. It has three modes, e-reader, tablet and laptop. Also includes waterproof keyboard and swappable rubber skins.

19. Biz Café concept by Youri Hong, Moonhwan Park and Hyoshin Kim
The Biz Café concept is more than an ordinary cyber cafe designed by Youri Hong, Moonhwan Park and Hyoshin Kim. You can have your cup of coffee in a coffee shop and use free the wireless connection and multi touch display to access your social profile. You are not going to miss your work anymore!

20. Collector USB Flash Drive Concept by Fang-Chun Tsai
It is a collection of small or large capacity memory Micro SD Cards that converted to the Flash Drive. Collector USB Flash Drive is a concept designed by Fang-Chun Tsai and being developed. This device contains three in –built memory card slots for adding your MicroSD cards and use them as a single memory card.