10 January 2012

Download SeekDroid v1.9.3 for Android

Details: With this application you don't need to worry about losing your Android phone. It allows you to find your phone in case it is stolen from you anywhere in the world. you can locate your device, remotely enable GPS, viewing its location on a map and even alarm with custom message. This application works on Android 2.2 and up.

You just need to install the application and create a username and password. In time of installation, make sure that your device GPS is enabled and have set up your Google account also. Everything else will be done by its website seekdroid.com. For download SeekDroid version 1.9.3, follow the link below:

SeekDroid v1.9.3 (183.6Kb)

"Have you ever lost your phone? If you have, then you know what a stressful experience that can be. On top of having to replace the device, you have to worry about someone finding all your personal information. Enter SeekDroid. It is designed to give you peace of mind by helping you track down your device if it gets lost or stolen."