29 February 2012

Latest Tokyoflash Japan Wristwatches

I think reading time from watches is one if the easiest task that even a little kid can do. But this is not the same thing for Tokyoflash Wristwatches. The geeks in Tokyoflash create unique watches that when you look at them, you can’t figure out the time very easily; instead you need to use your brain to find out what time is it!
So what’s the point? Here is what Tokyoflash says:
Good question. If you're looking for a watch that simply tells the time, then our watches are probably not for you. We design wearable art, many people don't appreciate art but many people do.
What they do is converting time into art. Each watch has its unique instruction for reading the time. Designers from all around the world are their inspiration for creating such amazing watches.
Before the cell phone watches were common but nowadays many people feel there's no need to wear one and the watch industry has suffered greatly. Our aim is to "CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT TIME."
Let check their latest products: 

MODULO 3 LED watch
by Heather from USA and Sam from Germany

Artifact LED watch 
by Peter from the UK

Spiral Analogue watch 
by Ignacio from Spain

Focus watch 
by Sam from Germany

Turbine LCD watch 
by Peter from the UK

Shadow LCD watch 
by Lloyd from Australia

XYZ watch 
by Laszlo from Hungary

Trax MKII watch 
by Peter from the UK

Wordcloud watch 
by Cory from the USA

Mechanical watch  
by Laszlo from Hungary