28 February 2012

Magic MacBook Pro

Magic MacBook Pro is an Apple laptop concept with iRemote control. What is interesting about this concept is the sliding touch panel that holds a small touch panel (iRemote). You can use this touch panel like a remote control. Just sit in your chair and control the Apple TV interface from the distance. I am sure all of you want to have something like iRemote for your own laptop. As you can see on the images below, the iRemote looks like a smart phone, but it’s just a remote and extra display that you can use to control the computer for watching video, listening to the music, etc. So who is the designer behind this concept? He is Enrico Penello, an industrial and fashion designer from the Genova Genoa, Italy.

The all new Magic MacBook Pro with slide magic trackpad and detachable itouch remote controller, a simple remote controller with touchscreen and the ability to communicate with the computer trough bluetooth or wifi, can be used to navigate webpages and it can control the Magic MacBook Pro via a built in version of "Apple Remote desktop".