21 February 2012

MinION USB Decodes DNA

Oxford Nanopore Technologies introduced a new era in DNA Sequencing Methods. Now sequencing the DNA is very easy as you can use MinION, a disposable and portable DNA sequencer. It has the size of a flash memory and uses a USB port that can be plugged into a laptop or desktop. Oxford Nanopore Technologies LTD is a company that researches on GridION and electronic molecular analysis systems. They use nanopres to study single molecules including DNA/RNA and protein.

They latest technology is the MinION that able of sequencing 150 million base pairs in 6 hours. It has a short life (6 hours), but with the aid of GridION (nodes) that used with consumable cartridge, it can sequence human genome (250 million base pairs) in 15 minutes. As the company promised, this gadget will be available in the market by the end of 2012 and costs $900.