17 April 2012


Have ever wondered how much amount of information transferred in one day on the Internet? How many emails sent or how many people visit Facebook or Google+? Here are some facts according to an infographic created by MBAonline.com:

In one day, enough information is consumed by Internet traffic to fill 168 million DVDs.

294 billion emails sent.

2 million blog posts are written.

172 million different people visit Facebook, 40 million Twitter, 22 million Linkedln, 20 million Google+ and 17 million Pinterest.

4.7 billion minutes are spent on Facebook , 532 million statuses are updated and 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook.

22 million hours of old TV shows and movies are watched on Netflix.

864000 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

18.7 million hours of music is streamed on Pandora.

1288 new applications to download and more than 35 million applications are downloaded.

A Day in the Internet