19 April 2012

How to Upside Down the Monitor Display in Windows 7

Want to surprise your friends? I’ll show you a funny trick in Windows 7 to mess with your fiends' computers and have some fun. Simply by flipping their monitor displays they will get confused enough to figure out how to change back the monitor display to its normal view. follow these steps:

1. Right-Click on an empty space on your desktop and from the drop-down menu, select Personalize.

2. In Personalize window click on Display and then Change display settings.

3. The Screen Resolution window will be opened. In front of Orientation, choose Landscape (flipped).

4. Now the monitor display will flipped, and shows the message Do you want to keep these display settings? Hit the Keep changes' button to submit the changes.

Note: When you upside-down the monitor display then changing it back to its normal view is a little tricky as everything is upside-down, even the mouse pointer is also reversed!