20 April 2012

Smart Dot for iPhone

Smart Dot is a new concept mobile laser pointer compatible with the iPhone that designed by Tangram Design Lab. The Smart Dot can be attached to the iPhone’s 3.5mm headphone mini-jack. The concept comes with an application to give you a virtual pointer for using in your presentations and also it acts as a normal laser pointer. The device does not contain any extra batteries and it uses the iPhone’s battery. When it’s linked to the Smart Dot application that's available for download at Tangram website, it converts to a track pad to run the presentation tools or displays the presentation. The Smart Dot looks like a small cylindrical pen with a diameter 8.9mm that presents you a stylus pen type for touch pad or a looped strap type and it offers you the use of both a physical and virtual laser pointer simultaneously. The device has now been available in the market with the price 79.90$.

The ‘Smart Dot’ project was developed to enter new markets with the aim at delivering new user experiences by reinterpreting an already existing product in the market through true convergence of hardware and software.