30 April 2012

Mirekusoft Install Monitor Version

One of the major problems within the users is the installed programs and their associated files on their systems. Whenever you install a new program, the application automatically copy its files on your system. These files usually copied in the program and the Windows root directory. They are also creating a bunch of files and registry keys in Windows registry. But when you uninstall a program not all the files and registry key will be removed properly and after the sometimes the result is the lots of unnecessary files on your system that lead the operating system to slow processing and corruption between the existing applications or programs.
The Windows removal tool is a good tool for uninstalling the programs but it’s not very efficient. The solution for this problem is to use a third party application that offers you the complete removal of programs unnecessary files. I personally use the Urrosftware Uninstaller, but this program is not freeware software. If you are looking for good freeware software then I suggest you to use Mirekusoft InstallMonitor. This application monitors all the installed applications on your system and their associated files and registry keys. It checks the status of programs and uninstalls them completely. It is able to track the program registry keys and files and even the keys that allow the application to start automatically (startup). You can download this software from the link below:

Install Monitor v1.1 (6.5Mb)
Includes 32 and 64 bit versions

Note: The programs that were installed before the Install Monitor, might have missing or inaccurate information.