26 April 2012

Sleipnir Version 3.0.17

The Sleipnir is another amazing web browser with that offers you a fast browsing experience. This browser like SeaMonkey built on Mozilla’s Gecko engine. You are able to change the skin and appearance and customized it with its large range of plugins. The new version includes new features which are

Rich Full Screen Mode for easy tab switching by dragging with right mouse button.

Speedy Tab Performance for faster browsing when multiple tabs or bookmarks are opened and even classifying the tabs by the Group.

Sync with all Sleipnir Browser that gives you the ability to synchronize your bookmarks from the other browser or older versions and the browser can be used on the iPhone, iPad, Android, WindowsPhone and Mac also.

Sleipnir is a great browser with lots of features and I suggest you to download the latest version (version 3.0.17) from the links below and have an enjoyable web surfing.

Sleipnir v3.0.17 (18.4Mb)

or download from the official website: