25 May 2012

Stellarium Version 0.11.3

Stellarium is an application that converts your desktop to a virtual planetarium. It is freeware software that gives you a realistic 3D view of the sky. Stellarium contains more than 600,000 stars’ catalogue and can determine the position of stars or planets to provide you the exact view of the sky at a specific given time.
If you amaze by the Milky Way, it shows you the realistic observation of Milky Way also. The images are in high quality resolution and the application can be used for educational purpose. One amazing tool that it holds is the time control. After the installation, the Stellarium will synchronize its time and date according to your system clock, but it will offer you the power to change the time passing speed to go further in the future or even time travel to the past! If you are curious about the sky, stars and astronomy then Stellarium is the best tool for you. You can download it from the links below:

Stellarium v0.11.3 (56.6Mb)

or download from the official website: