30 June 2012

Capture2Text Version 2.0 (Convert Image to the Text)

It may happen to you sometimes when you see a text in an image and want to convert the image into the text. Capture2Text is your alternative. It is a freeware application that can capture any transcript in an image and convert it to the text. Capture2Text uses the optical character recognition (OCR) technology to recognize the text. It’s also able to alter speech to the text. You can use your computer’s microphone, speak and Capture2Text does the rest.  The application supports more than 30 languages and by default Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish are installed, although you can download more languages from its website and add them to the software. You can download Capture2Text from the links below:

Capture2Text v2.0 (33.5Mb)

or download from the official website:


How to use

1. First download the Capture2Text and install it on your system. The application is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. After the installation its icon will be appeared in Windows system tray. For selecting your desired language, right-click on its icon and from the menu choose OCR language.

2. Open the image that you want to capture and copy the text from it to the clipboard with any program that you want like Windows Live Photo Gallery or Windows Photo viewer. Then place your mouse upon the edge of the portion that you want to capture. Hold the windows key on the keyboard (the default key is win+Q) and press the Q. after that select the part you want to capture with your mouse. The Capture2Text will copy the text to the windows clipboard and also shows you the preview on the up right corner of the window.

3. Use any text editor like Microsoft word or Windows Notepad to paste the text from the clipboard by pressing the Ctrl+V.