15 September 2012

The New iPhone 5

Last few days were very excited for iPhone lovers as now officially the Apple Company announced that the new iPhone 5 will be available in market on 21st September. iPhone 5 is 20% lighter and 18% thinner than the iPhone 4s. It has a longer and wider screen (4 inches) with 16:9 aspect ratio.
The other main difference is the connector. The older models use the 30 pin connecter but the new iPhone uses a smaller connecter called lightning. There would be a 30 pin to lightning adapter available in the market also just in case that a user wants to use the old accessories with iPhone 5. The CPU is an A6 chip (for iPhone 4s it is A5) with faster performance (2 times). According to the Apple, the battery life can give you 8 hours LTE Browsing time, 8 hours Talk time and 10 hours Video Playback time. The phone holds the iSight camera as we've seen on iPhone 4S with extra features like panorama that gives you the ability to take 240 degrees panorama pictures with 28 megapixel resolution. No doubt the iPhone 5 is an incredible modern phone or we can say it is a new revolution in cell phone technology. Now you can pre-order the phone and prices are $199 for 16 GB model, $299 for 32 GB model and $399 for 64 GB model. It is offered in two white and silver or black and slate colors. Let take a look!