18 September 2012

Useful Web Browser Keybaord Shortcuts

There are some useful keyboard shortcuts available for web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer that every user should know. Probably you already know some of these shortcuts but I am sure so many of you are not familiar with the rest of them.
Here is the list of useful keyboard shortcuts that can help you to surf the Internet faster:
Refreshes the currently opened page.

This key full screens the page. To go back to normal view, press F11 again.

Press Home key to go to the top of the page.

Press End key to go to the end or bottom of the page.

Space scrolls down the page.

Shift + Space scrolls up the page.

Ctrl + F opens the search dialog box for looking for a word or sentence in the page. When you enter the word in the search box, press Enter and the web browser will find and highlight the word inside the page. To jump to the next word just hit the Enter key again.


Ctrl + T opens a new Tab.


Ctrl + W closes the current Tab.

Ctrl + Shift + T opens the last closed Tab again in case you closed it accidentally.

Ctrl + Tab used to navigate between the opened tabs.

Ctrl + Left Mouse opens any link in a new Tab.


Shift + Left Mouse opens any link in a new Window.

Alt + Left Arrow Key goes back to the previous page.

Alt + Right Arrow Key goes back again to the next page.

You can use the Ctrl + Mouse scroll to Zoom in or Zoom out the page. Also Ctrl + ‘+’ and ‘-‘ does the same thing. To reset the page again, press Ctrl + 0.

Ctrl + N will open a new window.

Ctrl + P will open the Print window for printing the current page.

Ctrl + S shortcut used for saving the current page on your local machine.