10 December 2012

Microsoft Online Fraud Booklet

As the Internet has grown over the years, the Online Fraud activities also have grown along with it. Most of us surf the Internet daily. We check our emails, shop online, and do bank transfers, share photo on social networking sites and many more. The Internet is a gigantic virtual world and inside it lots of online criminals live that want to access your personal data and computer. Microsoft recently published a booklet to educate people about online fraud and guides to prevent them to become a victim. According to the Microsoft, in the America alone, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center recorded 300,000 fraud complaints in 2011 with an adjusted dollar loss of half billion dollars! This eBook guides you step by step about Prevention, Detection and Recovery with examples like:

Phishing scams

Rogue security software

Fake technical support

Fraudulent contests and winnings

Financial scams

I suggest you download and read this document carefully and always be caution when you surf the Internet. You can read and download the Microsoft OnlineFraud Booklet from the links below:

Microsoft Online Fraud Booklet

Microsoft OnlineFraud Booklet (2.3MB)