11 December 2012

Terminate Hung Programs Faster Without Using Task Manager

What you do when a program or programs hanged and not responding? Any application or software could hang or freeze due to some certain reasons like PC configuration, Malwares or Viruses, Power failure etc. Users usually open the Windows Task Manger then terminate the frozen program/s. But to speed the process you can simply create a .bat file with a single line of commands so whenever a program hangs and goes to the Not Responding state, by executing the .bat file the program will terminate. To do this:

Step 1
In the Windows 7 go to the Start>Accessories and open the Windows Notepad.
In the Windows 8 move your mouse into the bottom or top left of the Desktop or the Start screen to bring the short menu. Then inside the search box type notepad.

Step 2

Type the commands below inside the Notepad:

Step 3
Close and save the file with the extension .bat. Give it any name you want, I named my file Terminate.bat.


Step 4
Now when you face hung applications while working with Windows, instead of using the Task Manger, double-click on this file to stop the frozen applications. This simple bat file will close any program that is in the Not Responding state.

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