26 January 2013

BBG-1400 External Battery Pack for iPhone

BBG-1400 is an external battery pack that can be carried in your pocket and use for iPhone or iPad in case you ran out of battery. The device has a USB connector and is able to charge itself when it connects to a PC or laptop.The device designed in a way that it has the same dimensions and thickness as the Apple iPhone. On its cover you can find an LED window display capable of showing you the remaining battery life. BBG-1400 is designed by Jungsik Yun and Jeongin Park from designMU, Korea. The device has won the reddot design award of 2012 because of its minimalist design and shape.

This battery pack convinced the jury with its minimalist design. It picks up the dimensions and shapes of the devices to be charged and creates a harmonious connection. An inventive detail is the unique hole-shaped opening, which can be easily converted into a stand.