24 January 2013

Iron Man Laser Gauntlet by Patrick Priebe

I think we are slowly entering the era of Star Wars as now Iron Man Laser Gauntlet is available in the market and it’s a real deal! Patrick Priebe is a German designer who makes Laser Gadgets on costumer’s request. His last gadget is the Iron Man’s laser firing arm. It can be attached to your wrist and acts just like a robotic arm. Most importantly it fires the real laser beam. Patrick spends 130 hours to build this gauntlet and it consists of 2 blue lasers (1.2W each), 2 4mW laser for aiming and 1x 18650 + 2x 14500 Li lon cells. After he posted its video on YouTube, it’s been sold 2200 Euro. Patrick Priebe is the founder of Laser Gadgets website and accepts orders through his website. Some of his other laser gadgets are Laser Gloves, Beam Laser Gun, Mini Laser Gun and Laser Revolver.