23 January 2013

View Power Management Report by using Windows CMD

One of the most important factors in a computer health is the system's Power. Any interrupts in the power can damage your computer’s hardware. Especially if you are using laptop keeping eye on your laptop power efficiency is very important. Fortunately in the Windows 7 or 8 you can use the system Command Prompts to get a detailed report about the Power management. The command is used for this purpose is powercfg. It checks and analysis the power performance for 60 seconds, then create a report. You would find the report very useful as it shows the number of errors and their causes and also suggestion to improve the power efficiency. let see how this command works:

Step 1
In Windows 8 or 7 open the Command Prompt as administrator. Then type the command below and hit the Enter key:

Step 2
Wait for 60 seconds till the system checks the power efficiency. After that it shows you the number of warnings, errors and the path to find the report on your local machine.

Step 3
Go to the provided path in Windows\system32\energy-report.html and you will find an html file. To find the file faster just in the search box at the top of the windows explorer type energy-report then double-click to open the .html file.

Step 4
Now you can view the detailed report about the your system Power Management. You can use it to improve and change the setting of the Windows power.

Step 5
If you need to change the power settings, press Win + R key to open the Run and then type powercfg.cpl. To know more about the powercfg command you can check the Microsoft Windows Powercfg Command Line Options.