11 March 2013

Could Samsung Beat Apple Infographic

No doubt that Apple and Samsung are two giant Smartphone manufactures and have the major part of the Smartphone market. When for the first time the Apple started to distribute its iPhone product to the market, having an iPhone was a dream for any college student, geeks and teenagers. But the last few years especially with introducing of Samsung Galaxy series, Apple faced a potential competitor. The infographic below made by MBA Online demonstrate the struggle between Apple and Samsung for gaining the Smartphone market. In early 2012 these two companies were the only one who profits on their Smartphone revenue. In 2012 the Apple revenue was $156.5 billion and for Samsung it was $183.5 billion! The facts in this infographic may surprise you as now the Samsung has a huge contribution in the Smartphone market but still it has not taken over the Apple. But the match between these two competitors is very close. We have to wait and see who win the game the future.

Samsung vs Apple Infographic