13 March 2013

Transporter Social Storage Device

Transporter is a creative storage device for your data. With this device you don’t need to carry your external hard drive wherever you go. You can have one device at your office and the other one in your home. By using the Transporter you can get rid of monthly payment of cloud storage service provider as you can save your important data, image and files free of cost. Your privacy is protected and no one can access your data without your permission. If you want to share your files with your friends and family then Transporter makes it easy for you. Invite your friends by email and share your images, movies, presentations etc. with each others. One important concern about the store our data in a cloud service provider is the privacy. Your files are usually stored on a remote server and you really don’t know who can access them. But with Transporter, your privacy protected and your documents remain confidential. The Transporter is an online social storage device and allows you to share your files with your friends, coworkers and love ones anywhere around the globe. As this device saves data on a local network, you can give authorized access to any other user that you want and in this way share your stories. To give access to your friends, simply send an invitation by email. Like I mentioned earlier, you can store and back up data free, you just need to pay for the Transporter once. The Transporter was a project by Geoff Barrall, Jim Gardner, and Jim Sherhart from Santa Clara, CA and has been presented in the KICKSTARTER. The project reached its funding goal and currently you can pre-order it from the Transporter official website.