24 April 2013

How to Download All Your Facebook Information and Data

No doubt that Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world. With 1.06 billion monthly active users and 680 million mobile users, we can say it is the biggest social network website (compare to the Google + with 343 million active users). The giant social networking website contains more than 50 million brand pages and 10 million applications. Facebook users share their personal photos, update their status and chat with each other (conversation) daily. Did you know that you can download a copy of your Facebook data on your local machine? That is correct like the Google +, Facebook also gives you the ability to make a backup or copy of all your data on their website. You can easily download your personal archive of your Facebook information and data. This archive will be include of your photos and videos shared by you on the Facebook, all your wall posts, messages and chat conversation and even your friends’ names and some of their email addresses. I have to mention that Facebook will download only email addresses for friends who have allowed this option in their account settings. What you will not get after downloading the archive are your friends’ photos and status updates, other people personal information and comments you left on other people’s posts. To see how to download your Facebook information, just follow the steps below:

Step 1

Log in with your Facebook account and go to your Account Settings by click on the gear icon on the top right of the Facebook page. From the drop down menu, select Account Settings.

Step 2

In the Settings page, click on the option "Download a copy of your Facebook data" at the bottom of the General Account Settings.

Step 3

When you directed to the next page, you have to select "Start My Archive" option. The "Request My Download" box will be poped up. From there choose "Start My Archive" again.

Step 4

The Facebook will send an email to your email address that you provide for log in to your account when your archive is ready for download. Just confirm the message.

Step 5

Wait till your archive gets ready and Facebook sent you a confirmation email. Check your email’s Inbox and click on the download link.

Step 6

In the download page, re-enter your password and continue to download your Facebook information. You will receive a zip file contains all your data and information.

Important Note: as this archive contains your personal info like profile data, keep it safe and do not share it with just anyone. Always be cautious about your account security and privacy.