6 May 2013

Fujitsu Innovative Touchscreen Interface

The Fujitsu Laboratories developed the next generation user interface technology that can detect user’s finger movement, places it touches and then transfer the data such as text documents or images on the table to show them to the user visually. The device contains an off-the-shelf cameras and a projector that gives the device the ability to accurately trace the user's finger when he/she across it on a document's surface. It converted the portion of the document that selected by the user to the digital data and display it. The aim of the project was to improve and develop an intuitive user interface that can be used for the PCs, tablets and smart phones. As the technology grows, the need for hand gesture-based screen control technology is more in demands for an alternative replacement for the mouse and keyboards. The Fujitsu has used a new technology in his new touch screen interface that can very precisely sense movement of finger on actual objects and overcome the drawback of the limitation of other older technology in this field. Before this new technology, for detecting of touch operations on the items, companies have to embed these items or objects with special sensors. But in the Fujitsu new technology there is no need of using sensors as the device just uses an ordinary camera.

It can recognize and convert coordinates of physical objects

Ability of stabilizing of finger recognition technology

Accurate and rapid fingertip recognition technology

With all these characteristics, a user can copy portions of a document in digital format and place them on the top the table. After that he/she is able to expand or shrink the images or digital data or organize them as his/her requirement. The device also can capture sticky notes and move them around just by fingers. That’s an amazing technology developed by Fujitsu that can be the next generation of user interface touch based operations!