30 May 2013

Glowing Plants That Create Natural Light

If you’ve seen the Avatar movie, you may amaze with the floating mountains and glowing plants in the film. As the producer of Avatar said that 

Writer and director James Cameron does not write science fiction, he writes science fact.

now a team of scientist started a project to create Glowing Plants using synthetic biology and Genome Compilers software. They have published their project on the Kickstarter website for fund raising. The goal of the project is to combine the Firefly DNA and a target plant using synthetic biology and make the first glowing plant that can produce natural light. It was 2010 when the University of Cambridge iGem team made super shining bacteria by recycling luciferase. Inspired by them the team members intend to create their own glowing plant. They will use Genome Compiler and design the DNA sequence, then print the DNA at Cambrian Genomics (DNA Laser Printing). Finally the scientist will transform the DNA into the target planet. The project has started by Omri Amirav-Drory (PhD and founder of the Genome Compiler Crop.), Antony Evans (MBA and MA in Math) and Kyle Taylor (PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology) from the United States.