1 June 2013

Download Kraven Manor Game for PC

Thirteen graduate students at The Guildhall at SouthernMethodist University in Plano, Texas created an awesome horror game "Kraven Manor". As their assignment to participate in a team game project, they decided to create the Kraven Manor for their capstone project. The game has a very good design and graphic quality and the team members used the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) engine to create the game. The game is available free to download and play on the  Kraven Manor official website. If you are looking for some adventures and excitements, the Kraven Manor will give you 45 minute experience of horror. The game is still in the development mode and more content will added by the team in the future. During the game, you are trapped in a house and witnessing lots of paranormal activities around you. You have to discover the hidden secrets and solve the puzzles to survive.

Turn out the lights, take a deep breath, and prepare yourself. Explore the depths of the immersive, atmospheric world of Kraven Manor. Uncover its secrets, solve its mystical puzzles, and face the growing threat within.

I suggest following the links below, download the game and explore the house of horror. You can download the game as a direct download or as a torrent file.

Kraven Manor (530.76MB)

Torrent File (10.8KB)