7 June 2013

Crux Watch by Marko Vuckovic

Crux Watch is a beautiful and creative watch designed by Marko Vuckovic from Belgrade, Serbia. Its astonishing design will catch your eyes and make you think about the events occurred to you from the past through the present. Time has a major role in many subjects such as science, religion and philosophy and the Crux Watch can show you the real meaning of time.It is not only a watch but also a watch that represent you a clear message: 

Hour hand turns around imaginary circle. Better say, when it turns it does not touch visually parts of Cross. Minute hand is long and goes to the end and represents hope. Hands are deep inside the watch, so do we have to be inside ourselves to be able to find Faith, to find ourselves.

Marko Vuckovic is a young industrial designer who graduated from Polytechnic University of Belgrade. He has a great passion in art and you can feel the artistic design behind his works. He also has won various awards like "Award for best artwork on Blood means life, best drawing in Berlin over Bosh Foundation and Designanddesign award for Saturn clock".