5 June 2013

Manage Your Saved Passwords in Web Browsers

As you all know, all web browsers have the ability to save your passwords and user names when you type them in websites log in pages. So the next time the browser will automatically complete the sign in fields for you. As you may visited and signed up in many sites, manual tracking of all your user names and passwords is very difficult. Last time I told you how to view cached passwords in web browsers using the browsers' developing tools. In this post I'll show you how to manage and view your saved passwords in popular web browser "Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer".


For viewing your saved passwords in Firefox, from the menu, go to Tools>Options and then the Security tab. To manage the passwords, click on the Saved Passwords button. In the next window, you can search, remove and view all your saved passwords.

Google Chrome

In the Google Chrome click on the menu on the browser toolbar and select Settings. On the Settings page, click on the "Show advanced settings". In the advanced settings, choose "Manage saved passwords".

In the next window, select any account you want, click on the Show button to view the password and click on cross sign (X) to remove the user name and password.


Now the latest version of Opera contains the Password Manager utility. You can manage your saved passwords using this tool or you can use the OperaPassView free application. OperaPassView is a password recovery tool that shows you the content of Opera wand.dat or password file. Download the OperaPassView latest version from the link below and execute it (no installation required) to view the saved user names and passwords.

OperaPassView (44.3KB)

For newer version of the Opera, from the menu, go to the Settings>Preferences>Forms and then select "Password Manager". Just like Firefox and Chrome, you have the options to search and manage the saved user names and passwords.

Internet Explorer

Fortunately the NirSoft also provided a free application "IE Pass View" that act as password management utility to reveal saved passwords stored by the Internet Explorer. You can use the application to search, manage and delete unwanted user names and passwords. To download the IE Pass View, follow the link below:

IE Pass View (59.2KB)