28 August 2013

Extract Audio from Movies Using Windows Movie Maker

We all have some favorite movies and Video songs on our local system that in some situations you may want to extract the audio from a certain movie or clip. Let say you like the music of a particular video song clip or background music of your favorite movie and want to have it as a separate audio format. If you search the Internet you will find out various applications that would do this task for you. But if you are using the Windows operating system, then instead of installing any unknown application, you can simply use the Windows Movie Maker to do the trick. With the Windows Movie Maker, you are not only able to extract the whole audio but even you can pull out only a part of it according to your need. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1

Run the Windows Movie Maker, click on the "Add videos and photos" button to select your movie that you need to extract its audio.

Step 2

Go to the File menu, select "Save movie" option and scroll down to the list until you see the "Audio only" option. If you are not able to locate it on the list, it means that you are using an older version of the Windows Movie Maker. To solve the issue, go to the Windows Movie Maker download page, and install the latest version on your system. The Windows Movie Maker is available on the Microsoft website for free as a part of the Windows Live Essential Suite.

Step 3

Choose the File name and the path that you want to save the audio and then hit the "Save" button. The Windows Movie Maker will start to extract the audio for you and save it on your system. You can save the file as a MPEG-4/ACC Audio Format or as a Windows Media Audio File. If you want to save only a portion of the movie's song or audio, then use the film strip on the right side panel to locate and select the part.