23 September 2013

HOLO 2.0 is the Next Generation of Computers

HOLO 2.0 is a wearable and portable computer designed for the future, hopefully 2015. This super high tech PC would be the next generations of mobile computers that can be worn on your wrist. The device uses an advanced technology such as holographic and sound vibration. It is flexible and resistant and you can wear or carry it in your pocket wherever you go. Besides its portability, the designers considered kinetic chargeable battery for the device. This environment friendly battery creates electricity from the kinetic movements of the user’s hand. The HOLO 2.0 also holds a holographic display for visually showing the computer graphical user interface. To convert it to a desktop computer, you just need to use its docking station that gives you a bigger view of the holographic display. Although it has a compact size (140mm length, 20mm width, 2.5mm thickness) but it still holds the power and functionality of an ordinary laptop which makes the HOLO 2.0 a true mobile computer. The designers behind the concept are Elodie Delassus (team leader), Pradeep Kamath, Rucha Shinde, Taha Poonawala, and Asher Kandelar, some talented industrial designers who goal was to generate a mobile computer that offers freedom to adapt users’ computers to their mobility.