22 February 2013

Play Online Game – Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic is MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) online game that you can play for free. But of course like any other free online game, you have the option to upgrade to pro, use new abilities, update your skills and much more. You can play as a Jedi, Bounty Hunter or a Sith. Take control of your character, interact with the other players and go to the war. The game is a story based online game, so during the game you can discover the mysteries behind the galaxies and planets. If you are a fan of the Star Wars movie Series, then you are on the right place. To play the game first you need to download the installer (approximately 38MB). After installing the game you also have to patch the game (1.67GB) and need 25GB free space on your local machine. Star Wars: The Old Republic released in 2011 and since then it became the world’s fastest growing MMO ever. Within the first three days of its launch, one million players subscribed to the game. I guess there are lots of Star Wars fan who enjoy playing this game. The game is free to play up to level 50 with some restrictions or you can subscribe the game to get the unlimited access including a rewards program. To download and play the game, follow the link below:

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the only massively-multiplayer online game with a Free-to-Play option that puts you at the center of your own story-driven Star Wars saga. Play as a Jedi, a Sith, a Bounty Hunter or as one of many other Star Wars iconic roles and explore an age over three-thousand years before the classic films. Become the hero of your own Star Wars adventure as you choose your path down the Light or Dark side of the Force.